Just How Strong is a Gerber Strong Arm Fixed Blade Knife?

Gerber Strong Arm Fixed Blade Knife

The specs:

• Blade material: 420HC
• Handle material: glass-filled nylon with rubber overmold
• Blade length: 4.8” (12.2 cm)
• Overall length: 9.8” (24.8 cm)
• Knife weight: 7.2 oz (204 g)
• Overall weight: 10.9 oz (309 g)
• Retail price: $86

Looks like an all-around, do-anything kind of knife, right? That’s what I think, too. It’s full tang, of course, and look at the handle. Glass-filled nylon (i.e., heavy-duty, very strong plastic) with a rubber overmold. I like the whole knife but I’m intrigued by the handle. Molded rubber over plastic instead of just textured plastic? Good idea. As for the rest of the knife? Nice steel, very sharp, and you can attach the sheath to your person in multiple ways.

So, just how strong is the Strong Arm? Well, I’m going to try something different with this review. I can go plunge this knife into trees, hack down branches, and cut thick rope. And I can sharpen it to a razor edge and then cut a paint can in half. But what do you think this knife should be capable of? And how would you test it?

Now don’t ask me to put it in a vice and then wail on it with a sledgehammer. At some point we can make any tool fail. But give me some ideas on reasonable stressors I can put on this thing. I’ll pick a few, actually do them, and then report back to you later.

What to test? Think blade (straight edge and serrated edge), ceramic coating, pommel, handle, and sheath. How to test these? That’s up to you. I look forward to your comments.