Hit The Loading Room

During down-time, I like to hit the man cave for some reloading. For me, this is a good time to reload all my empty brass. It’s a time to roll out some practice ammo for every handgun I shoot often. There are new bullets to test, different powder recipes, along with different loads for experimentation. Heck, it’s downright therapeutic. You can customize loads for your specific gun, with the bullet of your choosing. Handloading has many advantages and I can’t think of a better way to spend a miserable, windy, freezing cold winter day.

Redding’s T-7 Turret press works well for me. Once the dies are adjusted, you can begin cranking out loads. I really like Redding’s 4-die pistol set for seating and crimping in separate stages. The loading bench and shelves are home for reloading manuals, Starline brass, primers of all sorts, Nosler, Sierra, and Hornady bullets along with a multitude of loading accessories. It’s all good — it’s all enjoyable — and reloading is a great way to make valuable use of downtime in the off-season.