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Nov/Dec 2019 Issue


Holsters For Naroh Arms N1

CrossBreed Holsters

CrossBreed Holsters teamed up with Naroh Arms to develop a line of Holsters for Naroh Arms N1 pistols. The following Crossbreed holster models are available for the N1 9mm: the SuperTuck, MiniTuck, Appendix Carry, Freedom Carry, Mini Appendix Carry, SnapSlide, DropSlide, SuperSlide, Ankle Holster, Cargo Pocket Rocket, Ohai, Bedside Backup, Purse Defender, Pac Mat, Small Pac Mat, Belly Band, Last Ditch and Reckoning Holster. For more info: (888) 732-5011.

Pursuit Series

Buck Knives

Buck Knives’ Pursuit Series is a multi-purpose alternative to traditional hunting knives. The knives in the series are competitively priced. They come in fixed and folding versions with standard or gut-hook blades in 420HC steel. Additional design details create a comfortable, non-slip profile. Ideal for use in the field, the blades in the Pursuit Series are finished with Buck’s Edge2x technology making them sharper right out of the box. The three fixed and folding versions include a black polyester sheath with green trim. For more info: (208) 262-0500.

Basket-Weave Kydex


Comp-Tac has enhanced their products by imprinting a basket weave finish on their aircraft-grade Kydex. Basket-Weave Kydex variants of many of its popular products are now available. This expands the choices of L.E. officers required to carry a basket weave finish on their gear. The finish is offered in black Kydex only for Comp-Tac’s International Holster, Warrior Holster, Single Magazine Pouch PLM, Kydex Tourniquet TACO and Kydex Handcuff TACO. For more info: (281) 209-3040.

O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit

ZEV Technologies

The O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit from ZEV Technologies allows you to customize your own O.Z-9 pistol. The serialized steel receiver (choose between a Black DLC or a Titanium Gray) is the foundation of the O.Z-9. Once you have it, just add more ZEV parts until you complete the firearm that suits your needs. Each O.Z-9 MBK includes these parts to get you started: ZEV O.Z-9 Slide Lock Lever and Spring, Trigger Pin, Ejector Housing Pin, Enhanced Extractor and Extended Slide Release Lever. For more info: (805) 486-5800.

Shadow 2 Orange


A variation of CZ-USA’s popular CZ SHADOW 2 pistol, the 9mm Shadow 2 Orange’s main parts are hand-fitted for precision. The 4.89″ barrel is polished to improve accuracy and sports a bushing for added stability. The trigger is tuned for a smooth, crisp release and offers a quick reset. It sports a competition hammer and adjustable aluminum magazine release catch. Aggressive checkering on the aluminum grips provides a solid hold. The pistol has a fiber optic front sight paired with a serrated, black HAJO adjustable rear. For more info: (800) 955-4486.

Fiber-Optic PRO


TruGlo’s Fiber-Optic PRO delivers a fast and accurate sight picture for competitive and recreational shooters. A patented light reflector focuses available light from all angles onto the fiber for a brighter glow, even in low light. Features include an ultra-bright fiber optic front sight, a blacked-out rear sight, serrated sight faces and more. The set includes spare fibers and reflector tape. Guns with the optic will fit standard holsters. For more info:

.350 legend brass

Starline Brass

Starline Brass has added another rifle caliber — the .350 Legend — to their lineup of high-quality rifle brass. Introduced by Winchester and approved by SAAMI early this year, the .350 Legend is a new cartridge without a parent case. The tapered case has a rebated rim allowing it to use the standard .223 bolt face found on many common rifles including the AR-15. The cartridge can be used for hunting in several states allowing straightwall rifle cartridges only, but it doesn’t have the recoil of other AR cartridges in this niche. For more info: (800) 280-6660,

Gun Plumber Handgun Tool

Birchwood Casey

Birchwood Casey’s Gun Plumber Handgun Tool has everything needed to keep a revolver, 1911 and/or striker-fired handgun operating efficiently. The compact and easy-to-use tool has a patch loop and an internal threaded rod for quick, effective bore cleaning. Four hollow-ground, flat screwdriver blades fit most pistol and revolver screws. For striker-fired pistols, the tool has a pin pusher doubling as a sight tool. There’s also a non-marring 1911-barrel bushing wrench and hex and torx blades for grip screws and general use. For more info: (877) 269-8490,

Commander Lite Pack Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ

ALPS OutdoorZ’s Commander Lite Pack Bag is designed to work with the Commander Lite or Commander Freighter cargo frames in transporting hunters’ gear and game. The 2-lb. Commander Lite Pack Bag has a 47-liter capacity for carrying your stuff as well as game after a successful hunt. A cinch-strap webbing matrix secures the pack to the external-frame. For more info: (800) 344-2577,


Nelson Holsters

The Avenger is a classic OWB holster from Nelson Holsters. It hides reasonably well with an untucked shirttail and offers the most for an OWB. Made of 100 percent Wicket & Craig leather, each Nelson holster is handmade in the U.S.A. For more info: (828) 729-3415,

Model 610

Smith & Wesson

S&W reintroduced its Model 610 revolver chambered in 10mm Auto. Well suited for handgun hunting and protection in the backcountry, the Model 610 is built on the large S&W N-Frame and is available with either a 4″ or 6.5″ barrel. Designed for use with 6-shot moon clips (included), the M610 is also capable of firing the .40 S&W cartridge. Other features are a stainless steel frame, barrel and cylinder, black synthetic finger groove grips and a black blade interchangeable front sight with adjustable white outline rear sight. For more info: (800) 331-0852,

Bull Trout

TOPS Knives

The Bull Trout is the result of TOPS Knives’ 3rd annual knife design contest for its employees. The winner was Martin Murillo for his EDC fixed-blade design. An avid fisherman, Martin designed the Bull Trout for use while fishing. It has burlap Micarta handles and comes with a chocolate leather sheath. The 2.75″ blade is stainless 154CM RC 58-60 steel with a tumble finish. Weighing 3.1 oz. with an OAL of 6.13″, the Bull Trout is an all-around EDC blade so it’s not just for fishing. For more info: (208) 542-0113,

Adaptable Belt Mount

High Speed Gear

High Speed Gear’s Adaptable Belt Mount (ABM) is a sturdy, belt-width adjustable, anti-slide application for mounting HSGI products to a belt. The attachment creates a belt loop with a strip of vinyl-backed 1000D Cordura nylon laminate and a YKK snap closure. Two laser cut slits allow the loop to be threaded through 1.5″ to 2″ HSGI rigger belts. The ABM is available for TACOs, medical pouches, radio pouches, handcuff pouches, stun gun pouches and more. For more info: (877) 301-2116,

Master Cleaning Station

Real Avid

Clean your gun anywhere with the Master Cleaning Station from Real Avid. It’s a self-storing, all-in-one gun cleaning station. This case organizer features a pop-up storage riser making tools easy to extract and return to its holder. Gun cleaning tools are locked in place, clearly labeled, easy to access and rattle free. A magnetic parts tray keeps small parts from getting lost during cleaning. The Master Cleaning Station comes in AR15, Universal and Handgun versions. For more info: (800) 286-0567,


Lionheart Industries

The Regulus from Lionheart Industries is designed based on consumer and reviewer feedback leading to upgrades including the modular platform, Tru-Axis barrels, refined trigger, redesigned sight sizes, and increased grip and color options. The Regulus has an aerospace-grade aluminum frame and a Chromoly steel slide and barrel protected by a Cerakote finish. Each Regulus frame comes standard with an accessory rail. For more info: (888) 552-4743,

T-Series Holsters


With streamlined thumb-activated retention, T-Series holsters from BLACKHAWK keep a firearm ready while maintaining security. The low-friction, dual-density internal material makes for a smooth and effortless draw while the exterior provides durability with a proprietary glass-reinforced nylon and soft touch polymer liner. Holsters are available in Level 2 or Level 3 configurations. For more info: (406) 284-3840,

Bear Swipe IV Rescue Knife

Bear & Son Cutlery

The Bear Swipe IV Rescue Knife from Bear OPS features a black-coated Sandvik 14C28N steel blade that quickly deploys with its integrated flipper. The tanto-style blade can cut, carve and pierce. Its scaled black G10 handles offers an ergonomic grip and blade control. The 4.1-oz. multipurpose knife also has a glass breaker, seatbelt cutter and pocket clip. Bear OPS is the tactical brand of Bear & Son Cutlery specializing in military and L.E. knives. For more info: (256) 435-2227,

6mm Creedmoor Match Grade Ammunition

Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets’ 6mm Creedmoor Match Grade Ammunition is available in hunting and target offerings. The 95-gr. Hybrid Classic Hunter delivers deadly hydrostatic shock to medium-sized game. The 105-gr. Hybrid Target enables users to easily acquire long-range targets with precision. Berger also loads 6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Rem, 308 Win, 300 Win Mag, 300 Norma Mag and 338 Lapua Mag. For more info: (660) 460-2802,

HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve

Hogue Inc.

Hogue’s latest HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve fits the Springfield XD-E. This HandALL line is Hogue’s response to requests for grips compatible with polymer-framed firearms. When installed on a pistol, Hogue’s ultra-soft rubber reduces perceived recoil. The beavertail design fills the palm of the hand and added finger grooves provide a secure hold. For more info: (800) 438-4747,

Precision Slides

Rival Arms

Rival Arms now offers Precision Slides for select GLOCK pistols. Each Rival Arms slide is machined from a 17-4PH stainless-steel billet. It has front and rear serrations for slide manipulation during high-stress or competitive situations. Cutouts redistribute weight and promote cooling of the barrel. Each slide is also thermo-chemically case hardened to resist wear. There are two versions: one for the Trijicon RMR and one for other popular optics. A slide without an optic cut is offered for the subcompact GLOCK 43. Precision upgrade slides are available for 3rd and 4th Gen GLOCK 17, 19, 26, and 43 pistols. For more info:

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