Good Old Days, Now?

I would assert those old guys had it all wrong. These are the salad days, my friends. Now we’re settled into the rhythm of a Trump White House and it’s a buyer’s market for defensive firearms. Nowhere is this axiom better manifest than in the new Ruger Security-9.

Enduring eight years underneath the boot of the most relentlessly anti-gun President in American history paradoxically caused the defensive firearm market to explode. Every time President Obama stood before a teleprompter and uttered the words “AR-15” he pumped another quarter million of the things into the general population. I’d be genuinely curious to know if he realizes this fact today. As a result, however, literally countless non-shooters became shooters. American gun companies subsequently made unprecedented capital investments to ramp up production and push innovation.

Now the perceived threat of a sweeping gun ban has abated. Pressure has been released and the American gun market is flooded with brilliantly conceived and reasonably priced defensive guns. Your gun dollars go further now than ever before.