C-More RTS2
Red Dot Sight

“A Cure for The Fuzzy’s”

There’s no doubt red dot sights make it easier to shoot your pistol more accurately. The single sight-plane, aim, and shoot operation is fast, natural and easy. And while I strongly believe learning to shoot iron sights is a basic and integral building block skill everyone should know and understand, red dots definitely have a place on our shooters.

A Cure for The Fuzzy Wuzzy’s

Many times, I’ll finish shooting sessions with a red dot sight, as it’s easier on my now “fried” eyes. (Hey, I’m no geezer! Not yet, anyway! Or am I?) I know several “vintage” shooters who have stepped out of shooting retirement, all because of the red dot sight. And that’s a good thing!

A sure cure for the dreaded “fuzzies” when it’s dang near impossible to get that front sight into focus, red dot sights are easier on the eyes and make for faster target acquisition and better accuracy. My groups are always tighter when using red dots.

C-MORE RTS2 Series

C-MORE is a pioneer in the red dot sight field. The RTS2 system is designed for handguns—pistol or revolver—and all applications. I have several friends who find red dots just dandy for hunting applications.

Creature Features

The housing of the RTS2 is made of high-quality, aircraft aluminum, giving it a tough, lightweight exterior that can withstand getting knocked around. It has 10 brightness levels, which are quickly activated with the push of a button, for the intensity level appropriate for your shooting conditions.

A CR 2032 lithium battery is housed in a waterproof compartment and is accessible while being mounted on your shooter. This avoids having to sight your gun in every time you change batteries. The lens is hard-coated, scratch resistant and not affected by muzzle blast. The RTS2 has locking windage and elevation adjustments and comes with a removable Picatinny mount, which can be swapped for the several rear sight-mounted base systems available.

The RTS2 is available with two different sized red dots, in either 3 MOA or 6 MOA. A hard-plastic protective cover is included to protect your lens when not in use, or when in extreme field conditions. Also included is a hex key set and extra screws, for guys with bumble fingers (like me). MSRP is $399.99. For more information visit cmore.com.