Web Blast Extra: Gun Cleaning

More On Keepin' Those Cannons Clean & Runnin'

T-9 cleaning

Here’s that Boeshield T-9 I mentioned in the print article. The fact that Boeing spent years of research and tons of bucks on developing it ought to tell you something. As a world-class major consumer of metal alloys, they use it throughout their manufacturing process and on every aircraft that rolls outta their hangars. Test results I’ve seen confirm it does a great job of waterproofing treated surfaces, displacing moisture including saltwater, and when applied heavily, provides long-lasting protection. It contains paraffin wax and proprietary lubricants in a solvent base, and dries to a waxy film. I’m told that waterfowl hunters stalking the salt marshes on both coasts use Boeshield T-9 extensively on their shotguns and they’re really pleased with it. Hey; any product that tickles those maniacs just might be terrific!


Here’s another one mentioned but not shown in print: Ogre Enviroclean FA solvent. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and it works just fine, is easy on the nose, and it’s environmentally friendly. And, I admit, I simply admire a guy who will put so much time and work into developing a product like this because his daughter has respiratory problems and had negative reactions to her Dad’s use of bore solvent. John “Ogre” Thompson gets a big star in my book for that – maybe in yours too?


Now if you want to stop rust dead in its tracks, try Brownells’ Rust Veto. This is a soft grease-like compound which is best used on guns or other tools going into long-term storage. Brownells developed Rust Veto after the makers of Cosmoline discontinued that respected product and Brownells’ customers clamored for an effective replacement. For best possible protection, warm and melt Rust Veto – it liquefies at 140-170 degrees F – and immerse your gun parts in it. The powerful combination of petroleum oils and waxes and corrosion and oxidation inhibitors can then get into the tiniest cuts, nooks and crannies. Gunsmiths use it for “hot-dipping” parts all the time. You can also swab or brush it on. When it’s time to bring those guns on-line again, just warm `em up and flush `em out! Those Brownells’ boys and girls know their business!

Birchwood Casey

You can’t hot-dip Birchwood Casey’s Barricade rust-preventing lubricant, but it too does a fine job, adds a top-notch lubricant into the mix, and comes in several different sizes and forms. This includes their very handy sealed foil packs of Barricade-soaked wipes, perfect for dropping into a pocket or field cleaning kit. Sometimes “before” and “after” exposure and use ain’t enough; the foil packs make it easy to keep Roscoe lubed and protected “during.”

Weapon CLP Cleaning

I’ve never been a big fan of “does-all” cleaner-lube-protectant products because frankly, I’ve found dedicated single-function solutions do a better job of each task. That said, I tried Centerfire’s Weapon3X (formerly known as WeaponCLP ) after my Uncle John tested it under some extreme environmental conditions — deep cold, snow, and then lots of blowing dust — and gave it a thumbs-up. Now I’m keeping it handy too. I was somewhat surprised at how well it performed at cleaning, and even more pleasantly surprised at its consistent lube performance when subjected to heat and friction; not bad at all; probably the best I’ve experienced with a triple-function product.

Sentry Solutions

I’ve written about Sentry Solutions products before, and having gained a lot more experience with `em, let me plug `em again, okay? If you operate in an arid, dusty, gritty environment, you really should try their stuff. It’s good to go for virtually any conditions, but this non-oily “dry film technology” really excels in the sandbox. Smooth Kote dry gun lubricant and bore treatment dries to a slick, tough film which actually repels dust and dirt, and allows grime to be brushed off easily. As a bore conditioner, it’s been proven to enhance accuracy and even slug velocity. BP 2000 Powder is also a bore treatment, but just try it on a sticky trigger, because that’s where it shines! Remember though, Sentry Solutions’ stuff only works best from 65 F below zero to 650 F above, so if you’re routinely operating hotter and colder than that, you may be disappointed. And if you are, I want to see video of it!