Genesis Of The Colt Single Action Series

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to begin this exclusive on-line series by Duke on the Genesis of the Colt Single Action revolver. It will be running monthly on Handgunner’s website, over the following 12 issues. Make sure you return each month (even on the month we don’t publish the print edition!) to catch the next installment! Roy Huntington

By Mike “Duke” Venturino

Photos By Yvonne Venturino

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The Behemoth The .44 Walker

Part 1 of 12

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The Dragoons

Part 2 of 12

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The Babies

Part 3 of 12

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Belt Pistol

Part 4 Of 12

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The 1860 Army .44

Part 5 Of 12

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Colt cap & balls

Colt’s Last Three Cap & Ball Models

Part 6 Of 12

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Colt Conversions

Colt’s Cartridge Conversions

Part 7 Of 12

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The First Generation Colt Single Action Army

Part 8 Of 12

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The Second Generation Colt Single Action Army

Part 9 Of 12

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colt 3rd generation

The 3rd Generation Of Colt SAA Production

Part 10 Of 12

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colt leather

Colt Single Action Leather

Part 11 Of 12

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The SAA’s Most Prominent Calibers

Part 12 Of 12

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3 thoughts on “Genesis Of The Colt Single Action Series

  1. Randy R.

    Although not Colt’s, I own two 1858 replica Remington black powder revolvers. I own other guns but the Remington’s, without a doubt, are my favorites. Once a month I meet with several other BP enthusiasts at the local range and set with coffee, biscuits, black powder and balls, good conversation, and make a day of it. Every time we do this, someone comes up to talk, watch us load, and even take pictures of themselves firing these classics. They’re economical to own, no spraying and praying, you concentrate more on what you’re doing, and appreciate what our ancestors went through using these firearms creating and defending a nation, and putting food on the table.

    1. Paul N

      I commend you on your willingness to play with black. I find the overall mess too much to deal with, so I shoot smokeless. BUT I have to say that some of the old C&B pistols are really neat. Yours are among my favorites. Indeed, I have considered for some time getting one of those, and then getting a couple conversion cylinders and shoot CAS with only one gun and some extra cylinders (a la Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider). The ability to swap cylinders quicly and easily has to be one of the great features of those Remmies.

  2. dennis taylor

    I have three 1st gen colt peacemakers 32WCF 38WCF and 45Colt,I use traiboss or unique powder and cast bullets and shoot them regularly so they are better being used than just to look at.I want to get a 44wcf next but the price of 1st gen.Colts is going up faster than i can save up so it may be a while.

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