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I’ll bet lots of you sorta’ grew up with Gerber Legendary Blades. Their world-famous Mark II combat dagger was stuff dreams were made of. I actually finally got one when I was a young cop and realized it um … wasn’t really a good duty knife! I tried stashing it under my pants leg, but I couldn’t get to it and I walked like Frankenstein. So, I sold it to a Navy SEAL I knew — and I hope he put it to good use.

Gerber has continued to be a leader in design excellence and quality manufacturing — while not breaking the bank. I chose this trio to represent some of their sensible, daily use-type knives and tools they are producing. While they have a lot of other products, some pretty exotic, you and I are mostly interested — and users — of this sort of stuff.

The Paraframe 2 (bottom) has a 3.5″ half-serrated stainless blade with dual thumb studs, stainless handle, frame lock and pocket clip, all for around the $30 mark. The Remix Tactical (center) has a 3″ stainless blade, ambi-thumb stud, Tanto point, liner lock, pocket clip and that nifty Axle Hole. You can stick your finger through it and pretty much never lose your grip or have your hand slip forward (ouch …). I’m told by knife guys it also lends itself to various knife fighting holds. I’ll believe them. At only around $25, how can you go wrong? Oh, that cartridge is a .44 Mag for size.

Next up is their Multi-Plier (Sight Tool) that goes for around $90 or a bit less. I’ve always liked the fact the plier head slides down into the tool body. It’s easy to open with one hand. And this one not only has replaceable carbide wire cutters but also a front sight tool for an AR-type front sight! I call that doubly handy. It also has a blade, screwdrivers, a carbon scraper and other goodies. Suffice to say, Gerber still delivers legendary design and service that won’t break your wallet. For more info: (800) 950-6161,
By Roy Huntington

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