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This column was once called Handgun Leather. When His Editorship had this column (about 150 years ago …), handgunners generally carried in some type of leather holster. When a bright light thought to use Kydex and other similar materials, our options grew. Now, the choices are virtually endless, the designs innovative, and you can pretty much get whatever you want. But that can be confusing.
I get regular calls and e-mails from readers asking some variation of: “What holster should I buy for my handgun?” The only thing is, there’s lots more to the question that still needs asked — and answered.

The Holster

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Do I really need a holster or can I just stuff Mr. Gun in my pants?” In the past, I’ve been guilty of sliding my pistol into my waistband for a quick trip to the store. Then a cop buddy of mine had his 1911 slide down the back of his shorts and out the bottom while walking down his driveway to his car — in front of his wife, kids and two neighbors. I changed my ways.

There simply no reason for stuffing a gun in your waistband without a holster, especially with a Glock or similar pistol with no external safety. They can go off if a bit of shirttail or jacket gets into the triggerguard. This admonishment also goes for dropping a gun into your pocket without a pocket holster. You’ve made the investment (hopefully) in a quality gun and some training, so don’t be a victim of buying a holster designed to be an inside-the-waist/outside-the-waist/shoulder-rig/ankle-rig combo. In my experience, it won’t do any of the jobs well. Use a holster specifically designed for the mode of carry you desire.

“I’m looking for a custom rig for my new gun, and I don’t want to pay a lot and I don’t want to wait a long time to get it,” says the voice on the phone. I’m here to tell you the words custom, short-wait and cheap shouldn’t ever be found in the same sentence, except for the one you’re reading right now. There are plenty of quality factory-made holsters on the market today, available as close as your gun store or online. If you’re a “Gotta’ have it now!” guy, there’s your answer. Having said that, top quality custom work is worth the wait, and an investment in quality gear will be a decision you’ll never regret.
By Sammy Reese

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2 thoughts on “Getting Good Gear

  1. Ray Ray

    Mr. Reese, I’m looking for a holster for my S&W Governor. I’d prefer leather but kydex will work. It seems holsters are hard to come by for this gun. Oh, by the way, I’m a southpaw which makes it even harder.

  2. C.D. "Doc" Doolittle

    I saw an ad for MTR Custom Leather in your magazine. I wanted a Paddle Holster for my XDS. The “big boys” [Galco, etc] didn’t make any, but MTR did! I trust what I see in your magazine, so I ordered one. It is PERFECT! It came in about 3 weeks, fits like a glove, and they are a great company to deal with. I’ve been buying holsters for 45yrs, and have seen none better…..I thought you’d like to know.
    C.D. “Doc” Doolittle Fountain City, WI

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