Mountain Howitzer Cannon Kit Package


American Handgunner is proud to present the DIY 2021 Giveaway, featuring the Traditions Firearms’ Mountain Howitzer Cannon Kit with a CRKT Freya Axe with a Bestia Knife from TOPS Knives — valued at $648.

Traditions Firearms’ Mountain Howitzer Cannon Kit is one of the best ways to get a real hands-on experience! With easy step-by-step instructions, the kit is simple to assemble. It’s a great project for families, groups and clubs to do together! When complete, you’ll have a functional mini cannon to use or display during events like the Fourth of July. The Mountain Howitzer is reminiscent of the larger version used during various wars but notably during the Civil War. This replica is smaller, lighter and yet fully functional. It’s a great addition to a Civil War Enthusiast’s collection or it may just encourage you to start a collection yourself.

The Freya from CRKT is a Viking-style axe you can use to split wood or hammer tent stakes. The axe blade, 3.46" long and 1.25" thick, is forged from 1055 carbon steel with a manganese phosphate coating for corrosion resistance. A lightweight at 1.93 lbs., the Freya has a handle made of Tennessee hickory to withstand hard use.

Knife designer Leo Espinoza wanted a large kukuri-like chopper, but not an actual kukuri. So, he combined the features of the El Chete, one of TOPS’ popular knives, with a kukuri, to come up with the Bestia. Described as a “true beast in chopping ability,” the knife has a 13"-long curved blade. Weighing 21.5 oz., it bites deep with each swing.

A build-it-yourself cannon, a Viking-style axe and a survival knife are the unique prizes we are giving away in this issue of DIY GUNS. All you have to do is enter to win.

Enter the American Handgunner DIY 2021 giveaway and learn more about the prizes from Traditions Firearms, CRKT and TOPS Knives below. Giveaway ends December 22, 2021.

Mountain Howitzer Cannon Kit Package