LES BAER Stinger Monolith Commanche
Prize Package

Prize Package Value – $3,973

The Stinger Monolith Commanche with Rolo Night Sights boasts most of the same features as Les Baer’s popular Custom Carry model, but with the shorter Commanche slide and barrel. It’s chambered for the hard-hitting, high-velocity 10mm caliber and equipped with high visibility night sights. Other features include the Baer Stinger Monolith Commanche frame and slide with rear serrations (slide fitted to frame) and a blued finish, a 10mm barrel and Commanche stainless steel bushing, a Baer speed trigger with 4.5-lb. pull, tactical ambi safety, deluxe hammer and sear, beveled mag well, polished feed ramp and throated barrel, tuned and polished extractor, extended ejector, checkered slide stop, flat serrated mainspring housing, premium checkered grips and more. Chambered in powerful 10mm, this feature-rich pistol comes with two premium 10mm magazines and black recon grips. The Stinger Monolith Commanche — it can be yours — if we pick your name as winner in this giveaway.

Test your Stinger Monolith Commanche with Ransom Rest’s custom Multi Cal Steady Rest. Made from Aerospace-grade 6061 Aluminum, this pistol rest is designed to provide stability for any handheld firearm. It’s custom engraved with “American Handgunner,” all the better to remind you, if you win, where you got these prizes.

A flashlight doesn’t need to be round. Look at Streamlight’s Wedge, one of the new crop of reliable rechargeable lights. At 5.46" long, just under an inch wide and 5/8" thick, the flat-shaped Wedge slides into the pocket easily. And it delivers a constant 300 lumens of light! Truly a useful, portable, EDC light.

A custom Les Baer Stinger Monolith Commanche, Ransom Rest’s Multi Cal Steady Rest and a Streamlight Wedge flashlight are exciting prizes we’re sure you’d want to own.

Les Baer Stinger Monolith Commanche
Pistol Package Giveaway