Masada Slim Pistol Package

Prize Package Value – $945

In this giveaway, the focus is on the Masada Slim from IWI US. Our top prize is a compact, polymer striker-fired, easily concealed pistol with the same modular, serialized, high-grade steel trigger mechanism housing concept as the full-size Masada. This scaled down version has a white front dot and blacked-out rear sight and the slide uses RMS Shield optics cut for direct optic mounting options. Additional features include a flat trigger, clean and crisp break, positive reset and built-in trigger safety. The Masada Slim is offered in 9mm caliber, includes two 13-round magazines (10-round in restricted states) and can run the Holosun EPS Carry 507K ’X2, Vortex Defender-CCW and more.

If you win the Masada Slim, you will need ammo. So we’re adding two boxes of Liberty Overwatch 9mm to this giveaway. Liberty Ammunition created the Overwatch line at the request of a government agency seeking deeper penetration while still creating a devastating hydrostatic shock event. Precision CNC turned solid copper projectiles feature an Open Cavity Design to promote delayed rupture. This ammo is lighter to carry, hits harder and gets to the threat faster.

The Spartan Harsey Folder 3.25 is a collaboration between Spartan Blades and knifemaker William “Bill” Harsey. A reliable 6AL4V titanium frame-lock knife with a 3.25" CPM S45VN blade, it’s easy to carry and comfortable in the hand. This handcrafted folding knife is coated in DLC, or Diamond-Like Carbon, for strength and durability.

The Masada Slim from IWI US, the Liberty Overwatch 9mm ammo and the Spartan Harsey Folder are prizes worth your while.

Giveaway ends November 30, 2023.

Masada Slim Pistol Package

November/December 2023 Giveaway