Goldilocks Revolver

Ruger’s SP-101 .22 Is “Just Right”.

For informal target shooting, plinking with friends, or introducing new handgunners to the shooting basics, I love my S&W K-22 and Colt Officer’s Target Model .22 revolvers. Their excellent accuracy, steadying weight and outstanding trigger pulls make them joys to shoot.

The same 38- to 39-ounce weight, which makes them hold so nicely, becomes a disadvantage for carrying. On hunting trips, outdoor photography excursions, while hiking, fishing, or most any outdoor activity, I generally have an S&W Kit Gun in .22 or .22 Magnum stuffed in a daypack somewhere. With their light weight — about 24 ounces — they’re easy to carry, though a little hard to hold steadily.

This arrangement suits me just fine. But many otherwise fine people don’t see a benefit in owning lots of guns. For some it makes more sense to own one revolver to handle both situations; big enough for ease of handling and shooting, compact and lightweight enough for ease of carry.

There haven’t been a lot of revolvers in the middle ground. The fine S&W Combat Masterpiece .22 has a handy 4″ barrel, but weighs only a couple of ounces less than the K-22. One double-action revolver, which fits this slot neatly, is the Colt Diamondback. Long since out of production, the Diamondback is currently much in demand with collectors. Even “shooter condition” examples are hard to find at a reasonable price.

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