Gun Safety Rules

The Four Gun Safety Rules

December 2012

Four Gun Safety Rules: FMG Contributing Editor Clint Smith provides a timely reminder on the importance of adhering to The Four Firearm Safety Rules.

5 thoughts on “Gun Safety Rules

  1. ozzy

    no 5 should be – do not reach after a falling gun. if you say rule 1 covers this, then i say it also covers the other 3 rules.

  2. Lt Col Richard G Vaught

    there should be five golden rules of gun safety:

    1) treat all guns as if they are loaded
    2) never point the barrel/gun except in a safe direction (ie down range)
    3) always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire
    4) only load the gun when you are ready to fire
    5) always know what is down range and/or what the backstop is

    these are only the minim of gun safety

  3. GunSafeReviewsHQ

    Very fundamental rules on that video. I believe firearm education is the key to firearm safety. (which is exactly what that video is doing). Thank You for sharing it.

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