Gunner’s Mount Plus & 1911 Armorer’s Plate

By Roy Huntington

Let me tell you up front, Present Arms, the makers of these high-quality accessories, is veteran-owned, and all products are 100-percent made in the USA. That’s important to a lot of us, so there you are. Let’s start with the 1911 Armorer’s plate, a handy, well-made sort of cut-out template built specifically to hold all the bits of a 1911. The magazine mount holds the frame, and there are various cut-outs all custom made to either hold pistol parts or help with disassembly or reassembly. Look under the AR barrel in the picture and you’ll see an angled block with pins. That’s the 1911 fixture block and has all sorts of features to tend to specific bits of a 1911, like safeties, sears, hammer struts and the like. It works on either base. It’s all an easy and efficient way to manage maintenance on a 1911, whether you’re a department armorer or just some guy like me. It’s milled from a solid piece of some kind of hard synthetic material, and has some real heft to it, almost like a heavy aluminum plate would feel.

The Gunner’s Mount Plus expands on the concept. Various accessories allow you to work on AR platforms or even handguns with added accessories, like optional magazine posts (to hold handgun frames). There’s an alignment block to hold just the upper, and the various risers, a magazine post for the AR and supplied swivels turns the Gunner’s Mount Plus into a complete work station for an AR, and some other auto and semi-auto rifles.

The 1911 Armorer’s Plate retails for $120 and the Gunner’s Mount Plus for $260, but remember, these are first-quality, American-made, last-a-lifetime type things. Your kids will not only inherit yours but likely pass them on to their own kids — if we’re plucky enough not to lose our gun rights! You get what you pay for, and you get a lot with Present Arms. I like these guys! For more info: (855) 565-6562,

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