Skinner Sights

Owner Andy Larrson has a small shop in St. Ignatius, Mont., where he has a bit of help turning out simply marvelous sights for all manner of rifles. Why am I talking about rifle sights here? Because most of you have rifles, enjoy rifles, and know the perfect companion to a good handgun — is a good rifle. Andy knows that too, and makes sights perfectly suited for helping you to perfect your favorite rifle. Machined from solid steel, brass or stainless steel bar stock, each sight is precisely hand-fitted and looks more like a Journeyman’s final machining test rather than simply a set of sights. There’s simply no castings or shoddy workmanship present in their shop, period.

Andy has worked hard to not only create highly functional sights for a wide assortment of rifles, but has shown a keen eye for design too, making sure each sight compliments the lines of the rifle it’s intended for. I’ve had dinner with Andy, met his new wife Shelia (check out the Insider in this issue to see her first-ever hunt!) and can say the man I know takes his craft very seriously. Skinner Sights offers reliable customer service and a full 30 day money back policy. And how about this — if your sights ever need repaired, Andy’s shop will do it for free.

I have a couple sets of Skinner sights on personal rifles (Model 94 Winchesters) and can attest to their high build quality. I like the 2-tone brass/blued steel look as it’s retro and modern at the same time. Make sure you check out their website and explore the many options. From Marlins, Rugers, Henry Rifles, Winchesters, Browning, CZ’s, .22 sights and more, Andy likely has a solution for your project. Make sure you read the “Frequently Asked Questions” before you call with a question. For more info:, (406) 531-5113
By Roy Huntington

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