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By Mark Kakkuri

I’m usually not one for comic-style emblems on my carry gun but in this case I’ll make an exception — because the product bearing the red spider logo is exceptional. Meet the Arachnigrip Slide Spider, a perfectly cut piece of what feels like skateboard tape. Affixed over the top and sides of my GLOCK 19’s slide, it provides a significant increase in purchase when racking the slide. Now don’t get me wrong: the GLOCK’s slide serrations are good. But with the Arachnigrip, they’ve gone from good to awesome. With Arachnigrip, one thumb and one index finger can get enough purchase to rack the slide where I would normally want to use as many fingers and thumbs as possible to ensure a good grip.

To install, just remove the paper backing from the Slide Spider, exposing the adhesive. Carefully affix to the top of the slide over the rear slide serrations and push the Slide Spider’s “legs” into the slide serrations, one at a time. Done. Arachnigrip stays out of the way of holsters, doesn’t catch on covering garments, and, for all intents and purposes, does nothing until you need to rack the slide. If I enjoy using it when I’m working in controlled conditions — dry hands, dry slide, all kinds of time — I think I’ll really appreciate using it in adverse conditions. Arachnigrip comes in a plain black style, too — no red spider. And this works just as well. But after using it for a while I’ve come to appreciate it sitting there on my gun, just hanging on, ready to give me a better grip on the slide if I need it. In addition to my GLOCK 19 Slide Spider — retailing for $19.95 — Arachnigrip is available for a multitude of guns. For more info: Ph: (303) 506-7747

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