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By Roy Huntington

Making Forbes magazine’s “Top 25 Veteran Startups” list, former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife, Jen, started Bottle Breacher, literally, in their one-car garage while Eli was still deployed. The clever duo and their team re-purpose .50 Caliber brass (and some 20mm and other calibers) into various bottle openers, wine openers, cigar tools and other goodies. The “Freedom Frag” is a bottle opener made from an inert hand grenade. What else do you need? These make great gifts for groomsmen, corporate awards and gifts and just about anytime you need a gift for someone hard-to-buy for.

Their “Never Forgotten” series honors servicemen who gave their lives. The Bottle Breacher comes in a custom wooden sliding-lid box with the image and name of the soldier etched onto it. The range of product ideas is way too much to cover here, but suffice to say it’s all made in the USA by veterans, in a small company who strongly believes in giving back by supporting veteran organizations of all sorts. They don’t take phone orders so you have to find them on the Internet at Tell ’em Handgunner sent you!

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