Decibullz Custom Molded Ear Plugs

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By Mark Kakkuri

Besides sticking your pinky fingers in your ears, hearing protection comes mainly via ear muffs and ear plugs. You can also use two 9mm cartridges, but something about that setup just doesn’t seem right, especially when you have so many other options. Ear muffs cover the whole ear but of course are bigger, requiring a large metal or plastic band to go over your head and sometimes getting in the way of aiming rifles and shotguns. Ear plugs come in all shapes and sizes and maybe, just maybe, they’ll actually be comfortable while they do the job of protecting your hearing.

Custom-fit ear plugs used to only be the stuff of professional shooters or those who were willing to shell out a bit of coin to get them made. Now, custom ear plugs have become more common and affordable. Decibullz Custom Molded Ear Plugs are made in the USA and retail for $25.99 and can actually be molded to the shape of your ear. As such they are very comfortable, stay in place and do a superior job of protecting your hearing. The custom fit comes by you heating the Decibullz in boiling water, cooling them off just a little and then forming them to fit your ears. As they cool off they retain their shape (your shape) for use again and again.

If you goof it up the first time or if your ears change shape over time (do ears do that?), no worries. Just heat up the Decibullz and re-form them again. How good is the hearing protection? What? How about an NRR of 31, the highest-rated ear plug you can buy. Decibullz also ship with multiple-sized noise-isolating foam tips — the part that goes into the ear canal. For more info:, [email protected]

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