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By Mark Kakkuri

Good-looking, yes. Functional, of course. And since I’ve been wearing this rig for a couple months, I’ll add “balanced” to the list of descriptors. Really, though, “balanced” applies more to me and my posture as opposed to the Galco holsters. But the holsters help me achieve it. When I’m carrying a Ruger LC9s in the Galco Combat Master on my strong side and two spare mags in the Galco Double Mag Carrier on my weak side, I’ve got the weight of all that gear evenly distributed on my hips. This keeps my body and back straight, helping me avoid leaning over a carry gun in a subconscious attempt to help conceal it more.

Even better, I get to enjoy all the additional benefits of this rig: a strong and secure carry holster for the Ruger and, not one but two spare magazines, also securely attached to my person. After wearing them consistently for just a few days in a row, they broke in nicely, adapting to the shape of my belt and hips. The Ruger LC9s goes into the Combat Master smoothly, stops with a snug fit, but draws with a confident tug. Same for the mags in their carrier. And since the carrier is a double, I have the added benefit of carrying two reloads. With a single stack nine such as the Ruger LC9s — a 7+1 defensive pistol — I’m not undergunned but it’s always nice to have more than enough ammo available. A traditional belt slide, the Combat Master loves a real gun belt and stays obediently in place, riding close and sure. The Double Mag Carrier is also a belt slide but adds the option of attaching with snaps — very handy and just as snug. Galco’s Combat Master retails for $89.95 and the Double Mag Carrier for $72.95. For more info:, Ph: (800) 874-2526.

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