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By Mark Hampton

I enjoy seeing all the innovation in today’s micro-sized guns. In fact, they seem to get smaller and smaller. But if I want to carry a small gun, I carry a J-Frame. Hard to beat the reliability and simplicity and fit of a snubbie, right? Sometimes I carry it in a pocket holster, sometimes in an ankle holster. These are great hideouts for the ubiquitous revolver, sure. But recently I’ve taken to carrying a J-Frame inside the waistband, where’s its not only more accessible but also decently comfortable in many holsters. Especially one in particular.

You’ve seen Galco’s Royal Guard before — it’s a classic design, retailing for $129.95 — but I wanted to see how it would do carrying a J-Frame. But not just any J-Frame. The gun you see here is a Smith & Wesson Model 640 Pro Series. It’s a .357 Magnum, all steel, with night sights and a solid feel. Actually, it’s not a great pocket or ankle carry gun. But in this Galco Royal Guard, it rocks.

The 640 Pro slid into the Royal Guard perfectly, as I suspected. Immediately, however, I thought I’d hate the rig due to its heft and width. With the cylinder surrounded by thick horsehide, surely it would be uncomfortable as it sat inside my waistband under a gun belt. Not so. In fact, the Royal Guard has turned out to be one of the most comfortable inside-the-waistband holster solutions for a J-Frame I’ve ever experienced.

Installing it is easy. Unsnap, slide into waistband with holster belt loops on either side of a pants belt loop, snap up twice and done. Adjust belt to desired tightness and you’re good to go. I enjoy all-day comfort, a stable ride and a holster yielding the gun when I want it. The belt loops do their job of keeping the holster in place when I draw, and the reinforced mouth allows a 2-handed re-holster if needed. Classic! For more info,, Ph: (800) 874-2526

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