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I’ll be honest and tell you I reached out to get some M12 lube from Neil Keller (owner of Kustom Ballistics, a true custom pistosmithing shop) because I’ve known him for years and am familiar with his amazing work, especially on Lugers. I figured, anyone who could do that sort of work and developed a lube to go along with it, must know what he’s doing. Oh, did I meantion Neil was also the American Pistolsmiths Guild “Pistolsmith of the Year” winner in 2003? His background as a toolmaker and mechanical engineer shows in his innovative work and attention to detail — and was sure to carry over into his signature lube.

The new M12 is the latest generation and was upgraded in 2012. A synthetic lube, Neil’s website says there are no “carriers” to evoporate once applied, so there is no residue left. It cleans, lubes, prevents rust and since it’s a 100 percent synthetic lubricant — it also makes things slippery. Unlike oil-based lubes, synthetics fight carbon build-up so often allow longer runs between cleanings. It also does not thin-out at high temps, or thicken at lower ones. Neil said his lube stood up to the FBI/Springfield Armory HRT gun test trials, which I happen to know were extremely tough on both guns, components and related equipment.

I’ll be the first to admit testing lubes is tough. I’m not a scientist, don’t have a lab and pretty much have to rely on the maker’s tech sheets and my own experience using hundreds of different lubes over the years. Some have stood out, while some have failed terribly (…you don’t read about ’em here!). I can say this for sure: I like doing business with a small firm when I can, Kellube M12 worked as advertised, and our test guns ran strongly and were easy to clean. The 1 oz. applicator bottle (on the right in the picture) is handy and allows you to get just the amount of lube you need, exactly where you need it. It’s perfect for your range bag. If you call, tell Neil hi from us. For more info:, (260) 724-3065
By Roy Huntington

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