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Okay, so look at the picture carefully and you’ll see what’s going on here. This is an elegant and simple solution to add an accessory rail to your full-size 1911. Made by Recover Tactical, their Grip and Rail simply replaces the stock or factory grips on a 1911 (using your existing grip screws) and with the addition of a couple of supplied cross-screws, secures the Grip and Rail onto your gun. It’s solid, doesn’t add any width to the existing grip frame (but does sort of “round it out” a bit), and gives you an instant accessory rail for lights and lasers and such. The final grip feeling is a bit like a polymer semi-auto, hand-filling but not big.

It’s made of polymer, engineered and manufactured in Israel and is of obvious high quality. You can get yours in black, olive drab or desert tan (shown). Right now they only offer it for the 1911 but are taking pre-orders for a model to fit the Beretta 92 series. Our test sample fit well and felt fine in the hand. I tried a half-dozen lights or lasers on it and they all went on just like you’d think they would. In short, this works as advertised, is very affordable at only $49.99, and gives us yet another opportunity to wonder why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Remember, this is for full-size guns only, but can work with a Commander slide on a full-size frame. No Officers ACP sizes or other short gripframes. Also, Fobus and a few other makers make holster fits for something like this. For more info:, e-mail: [email protected]
By Roy Huntington

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