Guns, Marriage And The Golden Rule

Happy Wife = Happy Life.

f you are married, you already know what rule I’m talking about. If you’re not (or honestly don’t know — shame on you) I’ll clue you in. It’s actually very simple: “Happy wife = happy life.” If you plan on following this bit of timely advice while continuing to add guns to your never ending collection, you better listen closely now. I’ve been a practicing subscriber to that simple concept for years, and haven’t spent a single night on the couch in over a decade!

Lessons Learned

Stop treating your significant other like a china doll. This is likely the “tough as nails” gal who gave birth, then carried that baby around for a few years on her hip. I know guys who whine after a few hours of holding their chubby progeny. Women rock — and we men can be real sissies at times. Your significant other deserves respect too, and if anything like my wife, will amaze you once you see her as an equal in the gun store, as well as the shooting range.

I can’t count how many times I’ve stood at the gun counter watching both the salesman and the hubby talk the wife into a gun she neither liked, never wanted, or had any interest in whatsoever. Mistake one. Would you put up with it?

Even worse, I’ve watched those same husbands tell their wife — after she makes it clear she doesn’t want that gun — “I know what you need, so go put on some lipstick and look pretty.” I may have paraphrased some there, but not much. I get the shudders even thinking about what I’ve heard said. No wonder there are divorces.

You want a shooting buddy who’ll enjoy shooting as much as you do? Talk to your wife like you would a male friend. Actually listen to her — then take her shopping. Let her make the buying decision. Let her enjoy that rush of buying a new gun and then shooting it the first time. She’ll have pride of ownership, and more importantly, she’ll want to shoot her gun. You now have a wife who is happy about going shooting. Make any connections there?

Small Gun = Stupid Gun

I bought the wife small gun after small gun. Cute guns, mouse guns and I thought I knew best. What does she know? Dumb, really dumb, guys. She let me know it too. She got turned off to shooting, and I got a rolling pin upside the head when I spent our hard-earned money on a new gun.

Finally, I actually listened to her, and got a surprising jolt. In fact, she sorta blew my mind. I followed my own advice. We went shopping, and she bought a big gun. She was something to behold, telling that salesman where to shove that little lightweight pretty purse gun he held up, and to hand over that big, stainless steel S&W 625 N-frame revolver in .45 ACP.

If I was proud of her then, you should have seen my heart swell and my jaw drop at the range later. She stood there for a solid two hours putting 200 rounds of 230-gr. ball down-range with that big gun. She went from a pattern, to a group, then to a ragged hole in just a few range sessions. A natural if I ever saw one. A few words of basic advice on trigger, sight picture and stance, and she was off to the races. Guys, just get out of the way and smile.

She’s taken to handgunning with just as much passion as I have. Her collection has grown and not a single gun in that collection is a mouse gun. She has added such unique pistols as a Mateba Unica 6 Auto Revolver in .357, A CZ75 SP01, A CZ Czech Skorpion and at one time even had a Desert Eagle! Not a single gun I thought she’d like. More to the point, not a single gun a salesman would have recommended. Idiots.

These days, Lisa is a shooter and knows her stuff. She has more skill and competence than most male shooters we know. Once on the range you’d better hide your delicate male ego because you’ll likely get it bruised. All of this came about because I stopped treating my wife like a china doll and started treating her like my shooting buddy.

I Dare You

When you were a new shooter, if somebody told you that you had to shoot this small gun with a heavy, long trigger pull, mediocre sights, small grip and so lightweight it was downright painful, would you have kept on shooting? Talk to your better half, tell her you’re willing to listen, then support her buying decision — and take her shopping! Bring her into your world as an equal, and she’ll likely surprise you.
There’s a good chance she’ll probably outshoot you as well, so get used to it now.
By Ed Strange

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2 thoughts on “Guns, Marriage And The Golden Rule

  1. Tom Reese

    My wife and I have been married for 37 years and after 3 kids, she is still the petite little gal I married. But don’t let her size fool ya. We’ve been shooting together for 36 of those 37 years. She’s a very adept shot with both her pistols and her rifles. Yes I said hers. She has her own collection just as I do. On our last Coyote hunt, she dropped one in it’s tracks at a measured 425 yards.
    I think she’s a keeper and Ed has given some good advice here!

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