Handgunner’s 2016 Gift Guide

Check Out The Coolest Of The Cool

By John Connor

Hundreds of goodies come across our collective desks each year and we always sorta’ keep one eye open for potential gifty-looking goodies. While this is in no way a complete list of what we thought was swell and worthy, what follows are nonetheless a few stand-outs. So, without further ado …


Designed by Danish knife and toolmaker Jens Anso and made by Zero Tolerance in the US, the ZT0220 is sleek yet practical, ideal for everyday carry. Bead-blasted titanium frame scales hold a stonewashed 3.5″ drop-point S35VN stainless blade. Weight is 6.2 ounces, closed length is 4.9″ and it’s surprisingly affordable.


Check out Walker’s Razor Series Slim Shooter Folding Muff, shown at left, for Hi-Def natural hearing levels with a terrific gunshot-suppressing rating of 31dB NRR . If you want ambient sounds amplified up to 9X, picked up by four omnidirectional mics, their new Ultimate Power Muff Quads are just the ticket. Both have independent volume controls and sound activated noise compression.


Leatherman’s Super Tool 300 features the strongest pliers they’ve ever produced and 19 other handy, easily-deployed tools. Included are plain-edge and serrated 420HC knives; regular, hard and stranded wire cutters, four different screwdrivers, saw, wood-and-metal files and a whole lot more!


SureFire’s Titan Plus is a tad over 3″ long and weighs two ounces, but on its “High” setting it throws 300 lumens of flawless white light. Medium and Low settings deliver 75 and 15 lumens. It’s powered by an included rechargeable NIMH AAA battery or a standard alkaline AAA.


The Ultimate Moon Clip Loader by Revolver Supply Company makes moon work easy. Select the right arbor, drop a moon clip over it, place a round in front of the pusher and squeeze the grip. The arbor holds moon clips level and square as rounds click smoothly into place. Fast, easy and sure.


I think Precision Plus Targets’ Victory Rifle and Victory Handgun designs are the best targets extant for sighting in, grouping and “shooting for record.” Accommodating all types of iron sights and optics, your sights will never “get lost” or obscure your aiming point. Main grids are 1″, with subdued 0.25″ grids. Quality 11×17 sheets, come 25 to a pack, pre-punched to fold over and file in binders.


Paul Clean’s multi-caliber Rollpatch patches work for every caliber from .22 through .50! Just buy their spire-pointed jags for your calibers, peel a Rollpatch off the roll, spear it through its pre-cut center and they fit snugly and perfectly! The .22-.50’s come 1,000 on a roll, and Paul Clean also offers a shotgun adaptor and shotgun Rollpatches.

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Ain’t it just drop-dead gorgeous? I’ve heard rumors some handgunners also shoot those whatchacallum “Blackish Rifles” on occasion, and loading one round at a time into 30-round magazines can be a pain in the butt — and the fingers. Meet the MagPacker, made by, umm… MagPacker, of Alvin, Texas. Just roll your rounds into the slot, where they’re captured and aligned from top and bottom, fit the pusher into the slot and push! to load your mag in one motion. Crafted of a variety of woods — this one’s in a really nice mahogany — it’s a loading-bench buddy that looks as good as it works.


Those who use knives hard will truly appreciate the new Cerberus from Ontario Knife Company. Its full-tang construction of D2 tool steel yields a super-tough 4.8″ multipurpose flat-ground blade coated in durable black zinc phosphate. Black G10 handle scales are lightly textured and contoured for great ergonomics. The Cerberus is heavy duty, yet fast and agile in the hand. The kydex sheath is form-fitted for both security and speed. After only a week of testing and handling, this knife is now my personal Number One utility fixed-blade. Enough said?


We all know somebody who would love one of these beauties, don’t we? Yup; the pal for whom hunting and shooting is something done to pass time between fishing trips. White River Knives offers their beautifully made straight-profile and step-up filleting knives with traditional cork or black canvas Micarta handles in 6″, 8″ or 11″ blade models, all with full-tang 440C stainless blades and handsome “stay-put” leather sheaths.


The best thing about giving a charcoal-burning buddy a new black powder handgun is, you can buy it, ship it and give it without government permission and paperwork — they haven’t declared cap-and-ball or flintlock arms to be “assault-ish” weapons — yet. The next-best thing is, you get invited along to shoot it — but you don’t get stuck with cleaning it afterward! A Dixie Gun Works exclusive, this .44-cal 1847 Whitneyville Dragoon is made in Italy by Uberti, with a color casehardened steel frame, loading lever and hammer and solid brass squareback trigger guard. The cylinder is engraved with a “Fighting Dragoons” scene, and the barrel is a button-rifled octagon-to-round profile. She’s just waiting to be shot, so get on it!


C’mon; you know somebody who really needs the TOLCAT V2 shoulder bag from Vanquest Gear. Re-designed for 2016, the TOLCAT is now ambidextrous — just detach and reverse the shoulder strap — and cut to conform with your body. It features a generous main compartment with a weather-resistant cinch-closed storm cover, a total of 24 slots and pockets to organize all your gear, Vanquest’s high-visibility orange lining so you can actually find the smallest items in low light, and much more. Of course, there’s an enlarged, easy-access but out-of-sight handgun compartment too. Superior materials and stitching assure a long life of hard use.

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