Handgunner’s Christmas Gift Guide

Stand By Shooters — Christmas Is Comin’!

You know the drill. Go ahead, get your coffee or other “beverage” of choice. Grab a pen, maybe some paper. Have a seat, and get comfy. Ready? Now, let’s solve a bunch of those Christmas list dilemmas and maybe, just maybe find something for your own “Gee, I wish” list. You can stealthily leave it in an inconspicuous place — like taped to the microwave door …

Happy hunting, handgunners!

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Avoid range rage — the frustration of arriving to find shot-to-kindling target uprights — by bringing your own target stand! The incredibly tough FS24 from Forester Target Stands is made from plastic resins and recycled forestry products so it doesn’t rust or rot and reduces ricochet hazards. Just whack it together with the included mallet, use its clips to attach cardboard or corrugated-plastic backers and commence fire! You can also order the FS24 Range Starter Kit, get five target stands, and cross off half the shootin’ buddies on your Christmas list!

No more excuses for your pal who never has a flashlight — or, a live one anyway. Fenix Lighting’s TK22 Gun-Mounted Lighting Kit includes their tough, waterproof, “dual-fuel” TK22 handheld flashlight, with four on-demand light levels from 7 to 650 lumens, a weapon mount, both AC and DC chargers and a raft of accessories. It runs on one lithium-ion battery or two 123A batteries. It’s a complete “no excuses” package in a hard case.

For recreational use and emergency situations, the new Siege Lantern by Streamlight makes a terrific gift. Compact and rugged, three D-cell alkaline batteries power four C4 LEDs to deliver 340 lumens on high, 175 on medium and 10 on low, plus a red LED night vision-preserving mode and SOS flash. Stand it upright or hang it from integral D-rings on top and bottom. It’s waterproof — and it floats!

Last year, you guys got to know Kakadu Australia’s excellent concealed carry vests, and this year it’s the ladies’ turn. Kakadu has introduced a whole lineup of their Gunn-Worn garments cut and tailored especially for women. The Kimberly jacket features fully suspended, dual-holster pockets for carrying comfort, full linings and high-quality materials and workmanship.

So you and your pals are hip-deep in “tactical folders,” huh? Here’s a handsome change: classy and classic 3-blade Stockman Executive folders, new from Katz Knives, feature 2.75″ main blades — either clip point or drop point — plus a spey and a sheepsfoot, all of XT-80 stainless. Nickel-silver bolsters, handle scales in stag bone, amber stag bone, cherrywood and a really nice lookin’ blonde birchwood complement their very smooth actions.

Every handgunner needs a strong grip, wrist and forearms, both for shooting and … who knows? Something or someone might need throttling, hard. From the strength-training professionals at IronMind, here’s their new Zenith fitness gripper. It’s available in several weight options, but for most shooters I’d recommend the Trainer Gripper or the Agility Fitness Gripper.


The Brass Mower is my top “range accessory” and an absolutely outstanding gift! It works like a charm, picking up empty brass from .22’s through rifle calibers on concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel and dirt — even through snow. I first saw it in ads and dismissed it as a gimmick, but then my son gave me one and woke me up! The Brass Mower comes with a wire “unloader” which clips to a bucket and empties out brass with a push. Get the 3-6′ telescoping handle model and don’t wait until you or your giftee has a splintered spine like mine!

Not just a cutesie little knife with a splash of pink, Ontario Knife Company’s Pink RAT II is a slick, strong multipurpose folder whose fiber-reinforced nylon handle scales just happen to be — pink! — and sized for a more feminine hand. The tough liner-locking 3″ blade is AUS-8, with ambidextrous thumb studs. A 4-position pocket clip covers her carry options, and she’ll like its lightweight 3.1 ounces — so make lotsa ladies on your list happy!

Made from genuine military ordnance, the big .50 BMG bottle opener rules the home bar, and the smaller but very capable 7.62x51mm model makes a great take-along. They’re from Bullets2Bandages, a veteran-owned and operated outfit, which donates 15 percent of all profits to worthy charities in support of veterans. They have some cool engraved models too. You know somebody who quaffs a beer now and then, don’t you? Sody pop, maybe? I thought so …

What’s this? A 7×7′ heavy leather Dresser Caddy with pinched-and-riveted corners and a 6×6′ center pad of legally harvested elephant hide, from African Sporting Creations, a safari outfitter. It’s the kinda thing I’d never think of, but I got one as a gift and it’s both handsome and handy. If you order by December 16, you can have your giftee’s initials burned in for Christmas delivery.

With your gift of a Trigger Trainer, you don’t have to include a note like, “Dude, you need this.” Try: “Sharpen your trigger skills!” and let it go at that. The Trigger Trainer reinforces a good grip, a smooth, straight pull and clean press — something to benefit novices and the most experienced shooters. It comes in an array of finishes and includes provision for three different pull weights.

Nothing says to a dear friend, “Hey, dummy! Don’t die, okay?” better than a good survival kit like this one from Echo-Sigma Emergency Systems. It’s compact but chock-full of necessities like a compass, whistle, lighter, emergency blanket, magnesium fire starter with flint, waterproof matches and tinder, two chemical light sticks and more, in a tough zippered case. If you really care about ’em, check out Echo-Sigma’s Get-Home-Bag: disaster preparedness in a backpack.
By John Connor

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