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Long before I had much in the way of expendable income for buying sixguns I enjoyed looking at the works of such past gunsmiths as O’Meara, Houchins, Sedgely and Eimer as well as custom sixguns from the King Gun Sight Company. They were among the top sixgunsmiths customizing Colt and Smith & Wesson revolvers in between the two world wars. I found pictures of their works in old copies of American Rifleman as well as several books. Today we are blessed with a wide range of revolvers, semi-autos, and single shots in virtually every possible chambering, as well as being offered in not only the traditional blued steel but stainless steel, polymers, titanium, scandium and possibly even un-obtainium. Our choices are almost endless; in fact so much so one might think there would be no need for custom sixgunsmiths today — but think again. The greatest pistolsmiths who ever lived are practicing their creative art right alongside all the factory offerings.

Then And Now

Elmer Keith used the first three mentioned custom sixgunsmiths in building several of his special Colt Single Actions, including the famous #5 SAA that he considered the ultimate .44 Special. I never dreamed I would someday have a large shooting collection of factory revolvers, let alone custom sixguns, semi-automatics, and single-shots. It has been my privilege to have guns built by such top gunsmiths as Bob Baer, Hamilton Bowen, Dick Casull, John Gallagher, Jimmy Clark, David Clements, Brian Cosby, Ben Forkin, Alan Harton, Jack Huntington, J.D. Jones, Ken Kelly, John Linebaugh, Milt Morrison, Gary Reeder, Jim Stroh and Bill Wilson. The beautiful sixguns and semi-automatics pictured here are from another top line gunsmith who has also touched guns for me, namely Dave Lauck, the 1-man operation that is D&L Sports, of Chino Valley, Ariz.

I don’t know if the old line-gunsmiths from the 1930s era ever worked together in an organization to promote high-quality gunsmithing, in fact I doubt it very much. However, today the American Pistolmiths Guild exists to do that very thing. Each year, one of the members is chosen as pistolsmith of the year, and for 2012 that award has been presented to Dave Lauck.
By John Taffin

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One thought on “Handguns Of Dave Lauck

  1. Jim in Wichita

    Thanks for the article on the guns of D&L Sports which I’ve been a fan of for years. Five years ago after I finally saved enough money for my first (and so far only) custom handgun, I knew a D&L Sports 1911 was what I wanted. Contacting him and ironing out the details was a quick and easy process and the wait time was far shorter than I could of dreamed at that time. What I ordered and received is a 1911 that does everything I need it to do. The light rail & night sites makes it a perfect night stand gun. The Milt Sparks IWB holster I ordered for it makes the big Gov’t model disappear for CCW. I can’t due the accuracy justice at my skill level and it’s as reliable (the most impotant thing) as the day is long.
    Dave Lauck has always been kind with his time after the sale as well. He’s answered questions and even pointed me in the direction of a great belt holster for when I have a light attached.
    Wait time may be a bit longer now after his American Pistolsmiths award and articles like this but his work is well worth the wait.
    Thanks for the grat magazine,
    Jim in Wichita

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