A Work in Progress

Shooting the latest version of the M&P — the M2.0 — is an eye-opener. The success and popularity of the original version certainly speaks for itself, but the M2.0 still manages to embody the shopworn “New and Improved” marketing cliché. No, it’s not another Performance Center-tweaked version (there have been several), but it might pass for one, although it’s straight from the Big House.

Not content with launching one SKU of a new model, Smith has eight — two .45 ACP’s (one with a thumb safety), three in .40 S&W and two in 9mm. “SKU,” for those of you too embarrassed to ask, stands for Stock Keeping Unit. Not very sexy, but there you are. I used to keep my mouth shut and pretend I knew what it meant until, ashamed, I finally asked. The SKU on mine was 11537 (remember that, you’ll be tested on it later). What it translates to is the following.

The “big” one has a 5" barrel in 9mm with an OAL of 8.3" and a 17+1 capacity. Cosmetically, we’re looking at a Sandbox-inspired Flat Dark Earth color scheme (on our test gun), Armornite corrosion-resistant finish on stainless steel and what the company calls an “aggressive” grip texture (it is indeed!). Sight-wise, we’re looking at a drift-adjustable 3-dot setup. And there are four interchangeable palm-swell grip inserts so you can tailor the fit to your own mitt. And the MSRP on this one is $599 — a number which in terms of real-world prices will most likely not stand for long. Still, reasonable even at that price.