A Look-Cool Long Colt

Having owned, carried and shot .22 pistols for most of my life, I bought a used 3-screw Ruger .357 Magnum many years ago. Later, I traded it for a Ruger New Model Blackhawk .45 Long Colt with 4-5/8” barrel on a whim at the recommendation of my very good friend, Bob. He promised that I would be glad I did — and he was right!

Not long after that trade, Bob and I took a cool fall day trip to east Texas for some forest land 4-wheeling in our pickup trucks, handguns in tow. We came to a nice wide spot with tall hills all around us and decided to unlimber our guns at some old downed trees. That was when my real appreciation for the .45 LC really began! The gun was easy to carry in a holster custom-made by my father-in-law, was easy to shoot accurately and was just cool to carry on my hip!

Other calibers have come along, but I keep going back to my old Ruger. You can load it hot or keep it really light. Concealed carry? Doesn’t work. Punching paper? Not that much fun. But to this day, the big .45 continues as my overall favorite to carry, shoot cans and look cool.

Linden Baker