Ace in the Hole: Taylor’s & Co. 1858 The Ace


A snub nose Model 1858, The Ace comes in three different grip finishes, black, white and walnut.

Some of the most innovative products are not the original concept, but rather the iteration of the original. Such was the case of the Remington Model 1858, which improved upon the Colt Paterson with its solid frame design and easily removable cylinder.

Over 160 years later, Taylor’s & Co. — a company known for its historical and modern reproductions of classic pistols, revolvers and long guns — has introduced the latest iteration of the Model 1858 with The Ace, manufactured by Italy’s Pietta.

Under the octagonal barrel, The Ace features a "lever-latch" to retain the cylinder pin in the frame.

Popularized during the Civil War, the original 1858 percussion revolvers featured long 8” barrels chambered in three calibers: .31 (Pocket), .36 (Navy) and .44 (Army) caliber. Putting a modern spin on the design, The Ace takes the form of a 6-shot .44-caliber snub nose.

Built on a blued steel frame with a 3” octagonal barrel, the shorter Model 1858 features a “lever-latch” to retain the cylinder pin in the frame and does not come with a loading lever. It does, however, come in four grip options — black, white PVC and both smooth and checkered walnut — all sporting a brass trigger guard and fixed front blade sight with rear notch.

Measuring 8.68” long and weighing roughly 32 oz., The Ace ranges from $335–370, depending on model. And for those interested, a separate drop-in conversion cylinder to smokeless .45 LC/.45 Schofield is also available.

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