A Versatile Holster

Rob Leahy’s Silver Dollar pancake holster is a simple design — two pieces of leather stitched together and molded around the gun. Three belt cutouts provide two carry options: traditional strong side or not-so-traditional cross draw. Interestingly, according to Leahy’s website this holster is meant for the “smallest frame revolvers only.” However, this is what he sent for the Bulldog XL and it fits perfectly.

Carrying strong side is great. A good gun belt cinched tight pulls the Bulldog XL in close, and at 4 o’clock sends the stocks straight up over my hip, easily concealed by a T-shirt. Carrying cross draw (at 10 o’clock) is more challenging, as the stocks tend to point out near my lower left ribs. It’s a suitable setup, however, for a couple situations: carrying while driving and carrying with an appropriate covering garment such as a bulky jacket or a larger hoodie. You can slide the Bulldog XL and the Silver Dollar farther back (closer to 9 o’clock) to better hide the stocks, but then it’s more difficult to reach around to grasp and draw.

When you do go to grasp and draw the Bulldog XL, your hand meets with a lot of stock and a very natural upward draw motion as the holster yields its grip on the gun.