Ruger Conversions

Before production ceased on the Ruger Old Army in 2009, they not only offered the original long-barreled version with both adjustable and fixed sights, they also offered a 51/2" stainless steel fix-sighted, easier-to-pack and handle example. These are percussion revolvers, and excellent ones at that, however they can easily be changed into cartridge firing sixguns chambered in .45 Colt.

To use these conversion cylinders, one removes the original cylinder, and uses the same base pin that is part of the Old Army loading lever with the new cylinder. For use with cartridge firing cylinders, Belt Mountain offers a replacement base pin that’s easily removable and does away with the original loading lever assembly making it much easier to remove the cylinder for loading cartridges. Belt Mountain offers a spring-loaded latch to secure the base pin thus making it unnecessary to use the screw through the side of the frame.