Crimson Trace S&W Shield Lightguard System


Crimson Trace

Unless you’re a cat, I know you have trouble seeing in the dark. Being a shooter, I know you also have problems seeing your sights in low/no-light conditions, especially if you’re over 50. Admittedly, tritium night sights help, but it takes a few critical seconds for our eyes to adjust, focus and get on target.
When we need to shoot something, we need to shoot it now! Here’s where pistol mounted lights really shine …

Crimson Trace Shows Us How

The folks at Crimson Trace have been lighting up our world with mounted lighting units for 25 years now. It’s a simple idea that works: Mount a light on your gun and low/no-light shooting becomes simple and easy. A mounted illumination device enables a shooter to aim deliberately and accurately, in addition to helping identify the target.

Keeping up with the current gun market can be challenging, but Crimson Trace manages to do it.

Lightguard LTG-770 M&P Shield

Crimson Trace is now shipping the LTG-770, designed to fit the S&W M&P Shield pistol. Mounting is easy, providing a secure fit onto the popular Shield and Shield 2.0 pistols chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W. The lights will soon be available in retail stores and outlets, as well as online stores selling Crimson Trace products.

Enlightening Details

The LTG-770 installs onto the pistol’s triggerguard and is activated with dual-side Instant Activation pads. The bright 110-lumen LED white Lightguard is powered by two 1/3N lithium batteries, which are easily replaced using the rapid change battery cap on the light’s exterior. The Lightguard offers constant and strobe light modes and weighs a mere 1 ounce, with batteries.

So the next time you hear something go bump in the middle of the night, investigate with confidence with a Crimson Trace LTG-770 mounted on your pistol. The LTG-770 has an MSRP of $89.

For more info: Crimson Trace
Ph: (800) 442-2406