Shooting Impressions

Yeah, I shot ’em. I even apologized to Marc for how much I shot ’em. I’m thinking, when the dust settled, I had about 200 rounds through the .44 Special, and another 275 or so spread between the three .357’s. I simply couldn’t help myself, they were so smooth. I had forgotten how the muscular Rugers tame .357 recoil, and turn any .38 Special load into a smile-a-shot experience.

I honestly hate to use this word, but “astonishing” is the only way to describe the DA actions on all of the guns. Normally Ruger DA revolvers are a bit — let’s just say it here — lumpy, when you press the trigger in DA mode. “Take-up, creep, tug, pull, grind a tiny bit, clunk, tick then bang.”

With Marc’s guns, it’s one long smooth journey with very tiny — but smooth — reminders of the steps. Other than trying the SA on each with the trigger pull gauge, I did all the shooting DA. When you get yours, I promise you’ll want to walk up to strangers at the local range and say, “Hey, you really do need to try this DA trigger pull. No, really. Honest. Try it.” Then you’ll stand, arms folded, grinning in anticipation.