Some Differences

Our test gun comes from their “Premium” line, differing from the Value line in a few regards. The Premium models have the famous Walther rifling and barrel, slides are machined with more detailing (a dovetailed front sight, for instance) and are machined from one of the highest grades of stainless used in the firearms business. Even small parts, like the slide stop, are machined from bar stock, and many of the small, internal components are plated with some sort of magical coating for wear resistance and easy cleaning.
The same engineering and manufacturing expertise goes into each product line, but the Premium simply upgrades the features and design touches. And keep in mind, as our own John Connor says in his “Shoot Off” between a Value CT series model and a Premium model which were otherwise identical designs (“Kahr’s Fraternal Twins,” Jan/Feb 2016): “I’d carry either one into a fight, anytime.”

There you go.