The sights are excellent, with a fiber-optic green front matching up with a square notch rear with a red fiber-optic dot on each side. The rear sight is not adjustable and the front sight can be drafted for windage. However KelTec cautions against doing this without the proper tools. For me both pistols were pretty much right on for windage while the elevation was determined by the ammunition used.

It’s also set up to accept a light or laser using the integrated accessory rail. There’s an ambidextrous safety mounted on the frame below the rear sight and although small, can be easily manipulated with the thumb. The magazine release is found at the back part of the butt and is easily pushed in with the off-thumb.
The tan (Dark Earth) version has a black slide, safety, slide stop and trigger while the black version is, well all black. The grip has molded-in small rectangles on both side panels aiding in a secure grip. The trigger guard is somewhat squared off in the front and the area at the back of the trigger guard where it meets the frame is relieved to allow a high grip.

The only drawback to shooting these.22 Magnum pistols is the same as any other pistol, sixgun or rifle chambered in .22 WMR — cost. A box of 50 rounds can run anywhere from $12 to $15 and at the upper end one can purchase two boxes of 9mm for the same price. What is spent in dollars, though, is paid back in a whole lot of fun shooting.