50 Yards

After dialing-in at 25 yards I moved out to 50. Groups opened up a bit but when the stars lined-up nicely, 5-shot groups hovered around 3" to 4". Overall, I was pleased. It was sort of an amazing thing to put the dot on the target and see bullet holes appear in the same spot. Very fun!

The 6" long slide wasn’t too picky about ammo but did tend to favor certain loads. At least my gun did, so it’d be good to do some experimenting with yours. I moved to 75 yards, and to be perfectly honest, this is about as far as I would feel comfortable shooting at game. With Federal’s 180-gr. Trophy Bonded JSP I could put five shots inside “minute-of-boar” consistently. I’m too used to those 1" 100-yard groups from my single-shot pistols, but still found the 5" groups at 75 to be well within what’s needed for hunting.

At this point I only had one complaint about this remarkable 10mm. According to my Lyman digital trigger pull gauge, the trigger on my test gun broke at 5.57 lbs. Honestly, I believe my groups would shrink somewhat with a lighter trigger pull and it’d be worthwhile to invest in a bit of tweaking if your gun is the same. I’d like to see it more like a solid four, but very crisp and sharp.