Popsicle Sticks?

While trying to figure out how to describe the striking cuts, cocking serrations and grip texture, I had an inspiration. Popsicle sticks. Yeah, I know this is a gun magazine, but humor me for a hot second.

While the slide lightening cutouts are recessed and stepped rectangles, the cocking serrations are more like popsicle sticks cut in half — one end squared off and the other rounded in a perfect semicircle. Like the slide cutouts, these are also stepped. The rear cocking serrations have the rounded ends facing down while in the front they face up. The result of all this recessed and ledge cutting is a texture offering a sure grip while not gouging your sides when carrying inside the waistband. And the Rapide has become a carry pistol in my world.

You’ll also see an encore performance of the same pattern on the black grip panels — those same cutouts enter both front and rear of each panel and combine with interior rectangular cutouts and a dimpling pattern. The result is a nifty-looking design providing plenty of useful texture.

Frame and slide are both heavily melted in key spots for carry friendliness. The slide features a flat section on top that transitions via a wide-radiused curve to the “slab” sides. There are few hard edges present on this pistol. The base of the slide has a hard angle but given its location, it doesn’t interfere with hands or holster. You’ll also find radiused cutouts entering the trigger guard on both sides with no favoritism shown to right- or left-handed shooters. While we’re talking about the smoothing cuts, you’ll notice most of the cut and recessed areas are finished with a lighter shade of the Kimpro Black Ice finish, creating the striking two-tone effect.