Let There Be Sights

The PDP uses standard GLOCK-compatible sights. While it might sound strange for a company to choose a sight architecture from a competitor, it’s a customer-centric move. Because there are so many GLOCKs on the market after decades of sales there are dozens of aftermarket GLOCK compatible sights you can choose from. You’ll have no problem finding aftermarket sights.

The included factory sights are standard three-dot variety — with a bonus. The front sight is a post mounting through the slide with a screw accessible from inside — standard GLOCK style. The rear sight is reminiscent of a Novak LMA. It’s adjustable not just for elevation, but windage too. You’ll find two small screws on the right-hand side of the outer sight body that maneuver an inner mechanism containing the squared-out notch. This approach negates any point of aim adjustment disadvantage of the fixed front sight post.