Shield Sights RMSc Subcompact Red Dot


The RMSc from Shield Sights gives you an ultra-compact reflex sight that is small enough
o be used on a pistol like the Glock 43. Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

I remember when I was growing up seeing optics and lasers on handguns in movies. Yes, this was the late 80’s/early 90’s, so it was pretty much the Stone Age for this technology. These things were HUGE, and usually strapped to some type of massive handgun. Yeah, I know using action movies as a guide for realism is a fool’s errand, but I think I’m getting my point across here.

The RMSc is small enough to have no overhang on the tiny Smith & Wesson Shield.

As the technology matured in the ensuing decades, the parts and pieces got smaller and smaller. Now, you can have an ultra-compact light and/or laser that fits right on that tiny little carry gun you own. But what about optics? While micro-sized lights and lasers have become downright common in recent years, the downsizing of electronic optics for handguns has taken a bit longer. That is, until now.

The RMSc is perfect for slim, small carry guns like the Glock 43 and the Smith & Wesson Shield.

A New Option

Recent years have seen a burst of innovation on this front, and the RMSc from Shield Sights is a great example. The RMSc, a compact version of the company’s popular RMS (which stands for “Reflex Mini Sight”), takes downsizing to a new level. Designed with subcompact and single-stack micro pistols like the Glock 43 and the Smith & Wesson Shield in mind, the RMSc is intended to be used on compact carry pistols.

Downsized from the already-small RMS, the RMSc is truly compact.

While optics on handguns may have gotten their start in competitive shooting circles, momentum is shifting toward them being used on carry-oriented guns, which makes the introduction of the RMSc all the more significant.

This reflex sight has the same bolt pattern as the original SMS/RMS so users with slides already cut for the RMS can easily swap sights if they choose to. The unit machined from aluminum and has automatic brightness adjustment. When fitted to a G43 or S&W Shield with a slide cut to accept it, the RMSc has no overhang. It also has a very low profile to allow co-witnessing with iron sights.

RMS-C (right) is shown next to the RMS (left) for comparison.

The unit is powered by a CR2032 battery and has a two- to three-year average battery life. It weighs just .60 of an ounce, which means it will add little appreciable bulk and weight to your tiny carry gun. The optic is offered in 4 MOA or 8 MOA dot versions and has an MSRP of $430.

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