Exclusive: Springfield Armory’s 911 9mm


Springfield handgun

If you’re serious about concealed carry, and we know you are, Springfield Armory has just the gun! Called the 911, this miniaturized model of the classic 1911 is chambered in 9mm and gives 6+1 or 7+1 rounds of 9mm ammo, depending on magazine use.

This Springfield Armory model is stuffed full of features, providing a viable and potent package for personal protection, without actually feeling stuffed! Whether sitting at home watching a movie or going out for a night on the town, the 911 has the convenience factor of always being on you — unnoticed — by you or others.

Springfield handgun

Pistol Packin’ Perfection

No doubt, smaller guns are easier and more comfortable to carry, making it more likely you’ll strap on your shooter! Climate, clothing and itinerary are some of the things taken into consideration when choosing our concealed carry piece for the day.

Mind you, it’s best to carry the largest gun you can comfortably carry, chambered in the largest caliber you shoot accurately. Sometimes it’s not practical to lug a full-size Roscoe … and a sub-compact like the 911 chambered in 9mm makes sense.

Springfield handgun

Dainty Details

The Springfield 911 comes in five different styles. The 911 Nitride is the most basic model; its 3″ 416R stainless steel barrel is precision broached and has a black nitride finish. The 1:16″ twist rate assures the finest accuracy and bullet stability.

The slide is also 416R stainless steel, ball cut, has rear serrations for ease of slide manipulation and a black nitride finish. The 911 also has a full-length guide rod with flat wire spring recoil system.


Sights are dovetailed Pro-Glo tritium/luminescent front and white outline tritium rear, providing a superior sight picture for low/no light conditions.

The lightweight frame is 7075 T6 anodized, hard-coat aluminum with octo-grip texture and thin G10 grips, promoting a positive purchase surface for proper grip.
The ambidextrous thumb safety and loaded chamber indicator gives both visual and tactile confirmation of chamber status, and also provide safety and convenience.



911 Measures Up

Overall length is 5.9″ and height is 4.38″ with flush magazine. Grip width is 1″ and weight is 15.3 oz. The 911 ships with one six-round and one seven-round extended stainless steel magazine. MSRP is $659.

For more info: www.springfield-armory.com, Ph: (800) 680-6866.