Exclusive: S&W M&P M2.0 3.6" Compact 9mm


We feel ripped off whenever manufacturers reduce their products. I’ve watched toilet paper magically shrink every time I perform a hot tactical reload. What used to completely fill the holder, width-wise, now shows an ever-growing gap. Hmm…

One thing I don’t mind shrinking is barrel length. When S&W released their M&P M2.0 with 4″ barrel last year, we were delighted. I even bought one. Well … S&W trimmed things back a bit again, and I couldn’t be happier and you should too!

The popular 2.0 Compact is now available with a 3.6″ barrel, making for a lighter, easier to conceal carry piece.
Shorter is better for concealed carriers … but not for toilet paper!

smith & wesson

smith & wessson

No Worries Here

You won’t feel short-sheeted with this shorty! The same enhanced M2.0 internals are used including the 15+1 magazines in 9mm, so you’ll have plenty of shots for your shooter. The gun still offers the aggressive textured grip with four interchangeable palmswell inserts ensuring a custom fit and feel.

The light, crisp M2.0 trigger is the same, with both audible and tactile reset, assuring fast follow-up shots. Sights are white-dot front and 2-dot rear for fast and easy sight picture and target acquisition.

The gun ships with two 15-round steel magazines with extender sleeves for use with full-size magazines.

smith & wesson

smith & wesson

More Details

The 3.6″ barreled M2.0 is still a polymer framed, striker-fired 9mm. The extended stainless steel chassis reduces torque and flex during firing.

The 18 degree grip-angle provides a natural point of aim while the high grip-to- barrel-bore axis ratio reduces muzzle-rise, allowing you to get back on target faster.

The stainless steel slide is beveled for weight reduction and stylish good looks, and also sports both front and rear scallops for slide manipulation and press-check. The polymer frame has an enlarged trigger guard for gloved hands and a true Picatinny rail for any light/laser accessories.

Smith & Wesson

Speaking Of Specs

The M&P M2.0 9mm weighs in at 25.9 oz., and has an overall length of 6.8″, and the stainless steel slide is Armonite finished. MSRP is $569. It is available in 9mm as well as .40.

For more info:
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