I’ve known Doug Turnbull for 20 years or so. He started to change the rules about the quality and innovation in firearm restoration about 30 years ago though. Today, his company not only continues their ground-breaking, stunning restoration work but also manufactures their own lines of fine guns. In order to really understand the magic, you need to go to their website to look at the photos. Just remember to breathe while you’re looking.

What we have here is a stock Ruger Mark IV .22 Target Pistol, model 40101 to get technical. Doug’s team has carefully polished the receiver and heavy target barrel, then applied the astonishing Turnbull color case hardening. Shhh ... it’s a secret how they do it. Doug basically “re-invented” this process all those years ago and built a business around it. There’s a richness and depth of color which is hard to achieve for most, yet Turnbull does it again and again.

Does it affect the function of the gun? Hardly, but what it does do is help to create something distinctly personal. While there are millions of Ruger .22 autos out there, there are very, very few like this, as this is a limited edition. It’s the blending of the epitome of the Ruger design with the custom touch of the Turnbull shop. And it’s simply understated grace and style, if you ask me.