Hi-Velocity Micro-Magnum!

.22 TCM Auto.

Looks can be deceiving, and the .22 TCM from the fertile mind of custom gunsmith Fred Craig and his collaboration with Armscor, is not what it appears — at all. While looking like a hi-cap 1911 (and it is in basic design), it’s in actuality a bottle-rocket shooting auto launching 40-grain, .22 bullets at upwards of 2,050 fps! Huh? What? No fooling, and perhaps best of all, it’s actually accurate, runs like a top, and if you drop in a fitted 9mm barrel and recoil spring, you have a fully functional hi-cap 9mm 1911. Damndest thing I ever saw.

Originally conceived by Fred as something unusual and fun, he initially marketed the design as a full, custom pistol from his shop, developing the cartridge and load data himself as he built market interest. You might have noticed the ads in Handgunner. Fred said, “I really sold a lot through those ads, and had been working with Armscor to make a production version for sale here in the states. The President of Armscor, Martin Tuason, was excited about the project, and together we launched the .22 TCM. That TCM stands for Tuason Craig Micromagnum, by the way.”

Fred had spent the last several years working with Armscor in the Phillipines, honing their production of 1911-based pistols, and designing a few interesting proprietary models of rifles and other handgun designs for Armscor. You’ll be seeing some of those in the marketplace a bit later, and trust me when I say you’ll like ’em!

The custom version of the TCM, as sold by Fred in his shop, differed a bit from the production gun. It had an external extractor, a different slide cut and a few custom touches. However, the production TCM is exactly the same, mechanically, as the custom version, and even comes with an adjustable Novak style rear sight, and proprietary custom forged slide and barrel. The slide and barrel are hand-fitted at the factory and more than likely accounts for the fact it shoots well. Also, the adjustable sight allows a shooter to adjust the point of impact when changing calibers. The 9mm shoots about 8″ higher than the .22 Micro-Mag load at 25 yards.

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