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His editorship asked me to tell him a story of sorts. We have both carried handguns most of our adult lives. Yet mine is a slightly different world, as not only do I carry one every day, personally, I watch other people carry and use handguns almost everyday. This is a story about what I use and what I know works for me — and what I see others use. Some holsters are decent, and some aren’t. Think of a catastrophic cross between the Titanic sinking and a 500-pound bomb strike.

What a holster shouldn’t do is release the handgun, allowing it to fall out or be taken by unauthorized people. So retention — whether by friction, lock or strap — should keep the handgun in the holster. Sometimes at least part of the weapon’s control should come from concealment. Clothing helps to minimize the exposure until the handgun is brought to bear. For police, the strap or retention locks in conjunction with officer awareness helps to protect the handgun. Loss of a gun by the carrier yields with it a high percentage they will be shot with their own gun.

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