How Bad Is Antigun-Rights Bigotry?

In its desperate dance to defeat America’s right to keep and bear arms — a ballet only performed in the blood of massacre victims — the political left may finally be defeating itself. Their concocted antirights arguments, piled high atop one another, are beginning to collapse under their own weight.

Spewing bile and vitriol with foaming wrath, the illogic and insanity of calls to disarm the innocent — in the name of protecting the innocent — are ringing hollow in America’s ears. People grow weary of the incessant bleating and impossible demands that even gun-hating ignorant masses can see will do nothing to protect them or crowds of defenseless children and shopping malls or theaters. Let’s examine these one at a time.

It has become painfully clear antirights bigots can’t agree, indeed have no idea what a so-called “assault weapon” is because, in plain English: Assault is a kind of behavior, not a kind of hardware. Tell that to people you meet (don’t argue arcane technicalities).

Any plain-speaking person can see this. Legal assaults on different semi-autos by brand names or acronyms will do nothing to stop maniacs. People are starting to realize that politicians’ demagoguery, demanding gun bans by name or looks will not protect their kids or themselves. The bigots are losing that narrative faster than they can shovel it. Ten years of that did nothing last time, is that all they’ve got.

They’re demanding again that magazines be limited to 10 rounds. This makes no sense to the common man. How will forcing madmen to use ten-shooters save us? It won’t. The common man can see this. Madmen with ten-shooters, or two ten-shooters and pockets full of spares pose every bit as big a problem as any other madmen. Ten-shooters is no solution. The common man can see bigots lack reason — a serious problem for bigots.

And behind the curtain we know the bigots really want zero-round magazines but are afraid to say it, because defenselessness is a non-starter. Ten-shooters is nuts, zero-shooters is, well, the jig is up.

The antirights media’s false attachment to “balance” hurts them too. They repeatedly bombard us with images of the murderers. This revolts people. It is yellow journalism, designed to disgust and sensationalize, and it does. It fails to inform, it’s not news, and it simply advances the agenda of their political puppet masters attempting to smear decent gun owners.
But it does force the media to show “the other side” for balance, so the truth gets air, and the public sees it. And our side makes sense. The truth leaks out, despite the media. The bigots lose the narrative even faster. John Lott, Larry Pratt, Wayne LaPierre, they out Piers, CNN, O’Reilly and the rest as the fools they are.

No one bothered to answer Wayne’s totally salient question. We protect banks, corporations, politicians, airplanes, and even sports arenas with armed guards — why not our precious kids — especially knowing they’re at risk and continue to be? Reporters merely attacked the NRA for suggesting armed guards in schools — but they didn’t answer his question, they didn’t even mention he asked it. But it leaked out, and the Kool-Aid got watered down. And then it leaked more: Obama’s kids go to a school with armed guards. And Obama’s blue-ribbon panel says everything must be on the table. This is good.

We have teachers and principals ranting almost incoherently schools are no place for guns. At last! The subject is in the open! My high school had a rifle team. Their picture is proudly in my yearbook. Since when is 10 percent of the Bill of Rights off limits? Who represents these teachers?

According to the Associated Press, Carol Lear, a chief lawyer for the Utah Office of Education says guns in schools is, “a horrible, terrible, no good, rotten idea.” Is she speaking of Obama’s kids’ school? Or just your kids’ school? Who are these people? It’s like listening to antiblack arguments in the civil-rights battles of the 1960s. The bigots are losing the 21st-century civil rights battles, and our lives are at stake.

The antirights bigots are so poorly informed on firearm issues they need counseling. They are impeding progress, making it harder to protect ourselves, our children and develop workable solutions. Why are a growing number of people going insane and acting out psychopathic murderous rage? How do we stop them before they start — and afterwards? What is Big Pharma’s role? And American Psycho movies? Why does the AMA refuse to recognize or treat hoplophobia and its horrific effects?

Wayne is right and people sense it. The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That message is leaking out, and the left hates that.

Maybe most of all, people can see the media is lying — police have guns, but police are second responders — you are the first responder. When seconds count, police are minutes away. You need guns more than the police. You want police to have full-capacity magazines, high-powered guns and all the ammo they can carry for the same reasons you need that — because you face criminals first. And bigots are definitely losing that part of the narrative. Because their kids are at stake too.

Alan Korwin’s company Bloomfield Press is the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country, featuring plain-English descriptions of state and federal gun laws for the public. He invites you to write to him or see his work, at

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4 thoughts on “How Bad Is Antigun-Rights Bigotry?

  1. Richard Smith

    Another real common sense article. Alan Korwin is the absolute best gun rights spokesperson I’ve ever read. He needs a much larger platform. The logic , and truth based factual information completely dismantles the ignorant anti rights arguments. Thank you Alan for the brilliant work you do.

  2. Fred Shoemake

    Well here I am again devouring the latest issue and wondering why I don’t subscribe…..So I surfed in to subscribe and quit anxiously awaiting the latest issue on a news stand. Without doubt the BEST reading for those of us that need to read of our favorite firearms regularly.
    Thanks to all the writers (especially the single action ones).

  3. Dane

    Those who are in favor of gun-control fail to see this: all gun control does is pass a law. That’s it. A LAW. Who follows laws? Law-abiding citizens. And who doesn’t? CRIMINALS. What’s the point of trying to pass something that only law-abiding citizens will follow but not criminals. And believe it or not, some people think that illegalizing something will make it magically disappear.

    It’s illegal to kill an innocent person. That did not stop these shootings. So what makes them think that banning this or that gun will stop shootings?

    And here’s the irony, no matter how anti-gun someone is, what do they do when someone breaks in their home? You guessed it, they call someone with a gun. *facepalm*

    And Switzerland is third in the number of civilian gun ownership, yet it has very little gun-related homicides.

  4. Drew

    I have been a subscriber for years and enjoy each issue. Great job to all the contributors of the magazine, keep up the great work.

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