How To Field Strip A 1911

Roy’s Insider Tips #192
July 2013

Knowing how to safely field strip a 1911 pistol is a must for any new shooter. American Handgunner’s Roy Huntington breaks this down into a simple step-by-step process.

3 thoughts on “How To Field Strip A 1911

  1. Bob Long

    This is a great video! I love 1911’s, own a few, but the first one I had to take apart, my GOD, its a pain in the rear end, I think it was a Springfield, yes, it was an older Springfield. I have chosen to carry a S&W M&P or a Springfield XD just because the striker fired guns are so much easier to take disassemble, clean and reassemble. But, I do need to keep all my skills up as I do run a pistol training facility!

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