Hyskore Mailboxes

Okay, so don’t tell me you’re not already thinking, “Hey, that’d be cool, and sure to insult the sensibilities of my politically correct neighbors.” Yeah, I know you thought that, ’cause that’s the first thing I thought. Old bud Ted Werner, headcheese at Hyskore, a well-known rifle rest and accessory maker, always has his brain going and he recently told me about his idea for a mailbox holder for we gun guys. When he sent me the picture of the 1911, I knew he was on to something. Seems it’s such a good idea, the NRA picked it up right away for their NRA Store! Their version will likely have an NRA sticker on it of some kind.

Which leads me to note with the blank sides, it allows you to put your family name, political stickers, or anything else likely to assault the senses of the gun-grabbers out there. Ted also has a model looking like a Single Action Army Colt, and will soon have a Model 94 Winchester and an AR-15. They come with hardware to mount them muzzle-up (like the picture) or muzzle horizontal (pointing at the mailman), which is what prompted the muzzle-up option. Ted felt some mailperson types might be squeamish, even though this is a nicely stamped, all-steel, obvious non-gun, so he leaves it in the customer’s hands to decide the direction to point those big muzzles! Mine’s going straight out, just so you know. Around $130, but will likely be discounted some.

Ted said he’s going to be doing even more models as time passes, so you might have to change out your mailbox holder as your gun interests change? Just sayin’, is all. For more info: www.nrastore.com or www.sportsmansguide.com
By Roy Huntington

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