I Do’s And I Don’ts” In Training?

After being married to Clint for 13 years — and this can be said of any couple together for a long time — you learn there plenty are “I do’s” you perform well together. Then there are the activities you could categorize in the area of “I don’t,” you never try to accomplish in the same room. For Clint and I, the list is down to one activity: hanging pictures. This is very definitely something we don’t think even counseling could help. I can “eye it” to make it level; he has to measure it and get the little bubble-level thing out. I can figure out where the stud is by knocking on the wall; he has to get the stud finder with the red beeping light. I want them a little higher on the wall, he wants them a little lower. Our solution to this is easy: we don’t hang pictures together.

We can laugh about the “I don’t” stuff when it comes to everyday activities, but when it comes to training with firearms; it’s something you simply have to overcome. Get over it, and change it from an “I don’t” to an “I do” — and do it now.

Having two people in the same house who don’t train together is like the two of you going on a cross-country trip in your car and only one of you wearing a seat belt. Someone is going to get hurt if things go wrong, and when you’re not on the same page about the defense of yourselves and family, then you’re literally asking for tragedy.

Some of you reading this (I’m assuming it will be mostly husbands) might be saying things like, “Oh, I would love to have my wife be into guns, but she wants nothing to do with it.” I completely understand, but as Clint says, “You got her to marry you, so you can be smooth enough to get her to have a basic knowledge of the firearms in your home too.”
By Heidi Smith

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2 thoughts on “I Do’s And I Don’ts” In Training?

  1. Dave Gordon


    I just finished reading this article and got a good chuckle out of it.My girlfriend of 4years was real ADAMANT about shooting a handgun and she was fearful of them,after hearing me talk about safety(my NRA basic course 3yrs ago)she said to me “I would like to go a range”.She went,shot and liked it(went back a second time also).Trying to get her to buy a handgun(she’s a single mom)but I don’t want to force it.What’s a good way to go about it?

    1. jim

      Dave when i married my wife she had never owned nor fired a weapon. now noting that she did show an interest in it but had never done it. so for my wedding present to her i bought her, her first pistol. it was not horribly expensive and i made sure she liked the feel of it and could handle it.
      she now has 15 of her own firearms most of which she bought herself. btw weve only been married 2 years.

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