Impact Armor Ballistic Clipboard

Okay, bear with me on this. You’re at home, it’s dark, there’s a knock on the door, for some reason you’re a bit concerned when you open it after eye-balling the guy on the other side. You might have a gun behind your back, but other than that, the only thing between you and a bad-guy’s bullet might be that sweaty T-shirt you’re wearing. So, same situation, same door, same guy, but you “innocently” answer the door holding the clipboard you were using to take notes mere moments before. The hitch is this clipboard will stop a 240-gr. .44 Magnum SWC at 1,400 fps. Got your attention now?

Impact Armor Technologies’ Ballistic Clipboard looks like a simple black plastic clipboard with a convenient handle on it. You use that handle to carry it or hold it up in front of you to protect your good parts. Impact says it also stops a 124-gr. 9mm FMJ at 1,400 fps, which is pretty darn fast. I’d say you’re pretty safe from most of the rounds you’re ever likely to encounter in the hands of a bad guy. Rated at NIJ Level IIIA for body armor (that’s pretty darn good stuff), I saw a photo of one they had shot four times. One round each from a 9mm, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W and .44 Magnum — same shield — and it was still intact and could handle more. It’s light, is about 12×13″ and only 3/8″ thick.

If you’re a cop, this is a no-brainer to me. I’d have given just about anything to have one during traffic stops at midnight in the Heights. And it’s not a stupid idea for Sam and Sally Homemaker to have around either. You can probably think of other uses for it too. And hey, you can always use it as a clipboard, right? At around $150 MSRP, it’s pretty cheap insurance. Besides, nobody will call you “that crazy guy who answers his door wearing body armor” anymore. For more info: or (216) 481-9070

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One thought on “Impact Armor Ballistic Clipboard

  1. Bryan A.

    I completely agree with you that for a law enforcement officer this is a no-brainer. As small and versatile as it is I can not find a reason as to why someone would not have one. Police officers know that the most dangerous part of a traffic stop is in the initial approach to the vehicle. Having something like this can be a real lifesaver!

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